Consulting call

Please fill in the details in the form and we are going to contact you with a link to schedule a consulting call.

Interested only in SARAsmart software?

No problem, SARAsmart is a standalone software that can work independently from SARAsend. Just select SARAsmart in the form.

Interested in SARAsend?

We at SARA want to maintain a quality of our services, therefore we are not fit all, serve all fulfilment. We are not a fulfilment, we are your scaling partner.

Who do we accept?

We follow the following guidelines when accepting new clients:

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Have proven product market fit.
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Maximum product size fits in mailing box.
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Not more than 100 SKUs

How does it work?

First check if you comply with our guidelines, if yes, fill in the questionnaire and you will enter our waiting list. After that, we are going to go over entries at our monthly meeting and select companies that are our best fit.

Thank you!
We will contact you soon with calendly link.
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