MANAGE & SCALE your eCommerce.

SARAsend: Reach 500M new clients with innovative Plug&Play EU fulfilment.

SARAsmart: Manage your eCommerce with SARAsmart one-stop platform.


We are not fulfillment. We are your scaling partner.

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With two warehouses, more than 2000m2 together, one in Spain and one in Slovenia, we can reach any customer in EU in 2 days on average.

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With million+ sent shipments, we have tested and signed only with the best carriers that have the best delivery rates and service.

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Checkout and storefront

Our Conversion Rate boosting checkout and storefront are optimised for each country so it covers all the local specifics. SOON

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Claims proccessing

We built the flow for customers to file a claim regarding broken or false product. Our claims team will process all that.

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Refunds proccessing

When you are selling in Europe, customers will most likely want to get refunded via IBAN. We take cover of that.

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We will take care of invoicing the client and setting everything up for customers to be notified about everything.

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Customer support

We will handle all the queries from your customers with people who speak local language.

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Translations on demand

With our built translation lab, you will get translations for any kind of content you need so you can scale fast.

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Marketing automation

Recover abandon carts & improve your customers Life Time Value with pre-made, CR tested, plug&play templates.

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Ecommerce analytics 4.0

No more dead stock, no more blind marketing decisions. With our eCommerce analytics you will exactly know how much profit are you making.


Software built for scale. Because if you win, we win.

Order Management

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165 integrated carriers

Print labels and get real time tracking notifications from 165 integrated carriers.

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Stock Management

Manage your stock through all your shops and never sell an out of stock product anymore.

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Built for transparency, either if you use SARAsmart standalone or combined with SARAsend.

Marketing automation

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Plug&Play templates

We have pre-ready on/off templates, proven to convert and translated to all major languages.

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Abandoned Cart

Generate 500%+ ROI with our abandon cart workflows that work for many clients.

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Post purchase

Increase customers Life Time Value with our pre-made post purchase retention SMS and email templates.

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Pre-made beautiful transactional emails to keep your customer informed and happy.

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Send SMS and email campaigns based on audience segmentation. No more exporting/importing your lists.

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Competitive pricing

The most competitive SMS pricing you will ever have. Don't fall for "cheap SMS" tricks. World is not only US, everyone has cheap SMS in US.

Analytics 3.0.

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Ads cost

Pull your ad costs for actual profit analysis.

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Shipping cost

Set your shipping prices per country and per month to get real views on company performance.

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Product cost

Pull or insert manually your product cost data.

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Profit tracking

So many companies do not know their profit. Get real winning products, with real data on your profit.

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Advertiser tracking

Track your media buying team or agency performance with real insightful data.

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Market tracking

Track new markets and see which GEOs are performing the best and which are not.

Benchmarks in Europe

This are average benchmarks across EU for a shop with products priced at 25€.


CPM on FB ads


Conversion Rate


Cash on Delivery



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